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When thinking about how the climate crisis and biodiversity loss is expressing itself in new and terrifying ways, I have been consumed with the question ‘how do we inspire action?’.

During the COVID crisis we have seen communities self-organise in beautiful ways to offer support where it is needed. The threat of the virus was right on our doorsteps and we understood the risk to those we love and to the places we call home. We worked together to keep our communities safe through expressions of love, care and our commitment to resilience. Our response was motivated by fear; the…

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This paper explores the wicked problem of undervalued creativity in community.

The problem map that precedes this paper suggests two important insights. The first suggests that the systems to which we belong have an entropic effect within the communities we live. This effect results in a depleted concept of creative identity, a reduced connectedness and awareness of community, and a disconnection from family-time. The second insight shows the existence of a creative ecosystem which struggles to express itself as it competes to survive within a shrinking pot of resources. …

In Search of an Ecological Philosophy — Reflecting with a Ghost.

We are on the Bedford-Sackville Connector Greenway Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada; a sliver of Nature sandwiched between the 101 Highway and the intimidating galvanised chain link fence of the Bedford Rifle Range. The range is owned by the Department of National Defence and is also the location where the army conducts their battle exercises. …

I used to be a business consultant with my own project management company. A few years ago, I experienced a lonely sense of ‘disconnection from purpose’. I spent a great deal of time feeling completely lost. I will not elaborate on how I got from feeling lost to wherever I find myself now, because I am not sure it is completely relevant. However, what arose from this process were three personal insights. I offer these as context for this reflection.

First, I used to believe in the journey. A journey that has a place to start, and a destination where…

The days of COVID. There will be many adjectives we might use to describe this time, all of which will be deeply personal to our own experience of it; we most certainly all have our unique perspectives.

I have taken great notice of what has been coming up for me in the idea of social distancing. Tape on the ground marking space, shimmying around the imaginary 6 foot (or is it 2m?) invisible boundaries we keep, crossing the road to avoid a pavement encounter with an approaching Mum and her child.

The space between us has come into true focus.

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I am posting this response to a question I received from a follower. I hope it is useful for those who choose to read it.



As requested, I am reaching out to respond to the questions you asked. To ensure I keep focus I have quoted your question below.

Hi. There are people who believe that global warming is a hoax, with science to back it up no less. Frankly, their arguments are beginning to look compelling and I’m running out of ways to convince them that man has something to do with global warming. …

It is said that when a frog is put into boiling water it will immediately hop out; but placed in cool water, slowly boiled it will remain in the pot and die. The frog does not notice the seriousness of its situation until it is too late. The challenge for the frog is to understand that the conditions of its environment are gradually becoming less compatible with its survival. To live, it must decide to jump out of the pot.

For now, there might be no better analogy to represent the existential challenge we are facing. Avoiding the obvious parallels…

Christopher Black

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